New England

by Salt & Samovar

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This is our second album. It pays homage to the north-easterly region of our birth, a pastoral embrace to keep us warm in the cold American metropolis. "New England" is a patchwork of players, recording studios, apartments and ideas, all somehow important in resurrecting these visions of rocky beaches, pine woods, dying leaves, whaling vessels, cannon balls and a relentlessly ominous future.


released April 4, 2011

D.S. Moltz - guitar, vox, organ
Dane Risch - bass, vox, mandolin
Kelli Scarr - vox, organ
Fiore Tedesco - drums
Daniel Mintzer - drums, percussion, vox
Joanne Schornikow - organ, church, vox
Daniel Chen - piano, vox
Brigid Bibbens - violin, electric violin
Dan Brantigan - trumpet, flugelhorn
Bonnie Crocker, Maya Ferrara - additional vox



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Salt & Samovar Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: The Late Summer Wains
The Late Summer Wains to a thin chill at night
And the memories of the colored corn on doors do arrive
Familiar like family new shades of past are alight
the wood & colors calling forth a sunken side
My Heart is pastoral feeling wide for my mothers nature
the exotic ways of foreign lands never can escape her
New England smells again of dying leaves
Our hearts won't grow so cold from the breeze
The Summer is ending & I want it too.
Track Name: I'm So Sorry
I’m So Sorry for all I’ve ever said
It hangs around me as heavy as lead
The good know the candle burns out when you are dead
And Me I’m so sorry for all I’ve ever said
If I try to explain it’s like I said it all again
The point taken back proves it was an attack
And I’ve read somewhere that the noble are quiet
The loud once bold are often soon tired
If you fear what you say rubs people the wrong way
You either purge yourself of noise or of your guilty ways
If I try to explain it’s like I said it all again
The point taken back proves it was an attack
And I, I burn when I can’t speak
But I know that it isn’t weak, It is strong
Track Name: Whaler's tale
On the North Shore of Boston my ship is sailing
It’s a leaving from the port town just south of Salem
Gonna catch me a fish with a belly full of gold
I’m looking for one that is old on this trip of whaling

When I blow into a town they likely will recognize
They say “there goes tom Moore, a master of setting ties
A rogue & a rambler, saved from death nine times
He got a hook for his right hand & his face is like gnarly vines.”

Well I’m waging on a fortune, heavy to be exact
I’m boxing up his treasure, eaten up by his tax
Oh I used to own my own rig outfitted to the teeth
Some devilish squall came & took it a way from me
Track Name: Perfume
Spent all day trying to make perfume
I’m sick of hoe soft these songs do bloom
But I wanna do oh right by you

If I could churn the butter
I would sell it off fast
The songs could be the logs of my raft
But I wanna do right by you

CH: When Comes the Day
I’ll finish what I made
When comes the day all debts are paid

On the side I’m looking to make a scent (cent)
To draw out success from her closed tent
But I wanna do so right by you
Track Name: Helen Of Troy
A small rapping crows at the heart
We got off to an awkward start
I think you want me on your terms
But neither of our hearts do burn

Miles of racetracks in your head
We all got our layers to shed
I know this fact it’s not something I’ve read
You make a decision if you want the bread

I’m looking for something your little body could never give
I need a mountain, I’m no longer a kid

There’s to many choices in the modern world
I’d like to take a home with one girl
Too many blocking boulders to hurl
I open oysters looking for the pearl

I’m looking for something your little body could never hold
I need a mountain as I grow old
It’s nothing big to cry about
Not like you were Helen of Troy
But it’s always the illusion
That hurts me oh when it’s destroyed
Track Name: Skeleton Wedding
We came down with witches just past midnight
All spirits came out from where they hide
And I Hold the green garlands for the fair bride

The bride she wore white, the groom he wore grew
All ancestors rose for the big day
And I know nothing here can be taken away

CH:I’d like to be, be there again
Skeleton wedding in spring

Now we eat grass cakes & spring cordials
Queen Anne’s Lace, Skullcaps, & Morels
And I watch the moonlight dance on their skulls


Saints pass a by in robes of fine silk
All of the dead will rise to the ilk
And I rub the brides rose, it will never wilt

Track Name: Southern Porch
I’m far past the Mason-Dixon Line
In a place far from northern time
My country has gotten so ugly
But I say this cause don’t you know I love it

I won’t be caught up in your tricks
My lady will build a house for us to live
If you love your mother why do you let her lay down with evil men?
Would you rather watch baseball while they clean out her head?

We were one, but now we are two

I wrote this on a southern porch
All the chains around me I wish I could torch
The highway’s clogged
You can’t see for miles
I’m sitting here wishing we could give you back your style

We were one, but now we are two
I’m sitting here wishing we could give all right back to you
Track Name: Big Brown Eyes
Big Brown Eyes
Early Life smile
All through the mind
There was no trial
And I know we were in the East
And sat together under Tamil trees

It goes….

And I sat
I watched you finish mom’s book
I could not hold back
I cried like a brook

Because you, you are my home

And we know
Where we come from
And we know
Just where we going
Jewish in name
Hindu by faith
Christian in country
It all does the same

It goes…

Well I do see
Oh pastures of plumes
Harvesting fruits
Of silent virtue

Because you are my home
Track Name: Anniversary
I played a song
By an old Scottish King
In an empty room
That I sat in
But you know the smile of the Lord
Was in the ether
Sometimes its just luck
That makes a seeker

Ch: Sometimes my light is turned on
And other times it is gone

I drank a whisky
Like an old Scottish King
In an empty room
That I sat in
But you know the smile of the Lord
Was in the ether
Sometimes its just luck
That makes a seeker

Sometimes my light is turned on
And other times It is gone
Sometimes I wish my light would turn on
Its cold waiting in the dark for so long
But I push right on

Well I am free
We are free
This whole Song is our Anniversary
Track Name: Continental Drift
There’s a universal shift
A continental drift
From grasslands to urban abyss
Oh my Aunties dying here
With questions in her ear
She’s lost from her world in fear
Her contemporary soldiers
Climbed upon the shoulders
living for war as they grew older

And their kind populates
The leaders of the state
The state now has us irate
What were you defending
Medieval never ending
The darkness of false light bending

It is treachery we know
Can not turn off the show
It hits you in moments
When you are alone

CH: Sit with me a bit
And watch the bombs riff
There must be someway
Not to get hit

I’ve read how gentry felt
When great old Europe fell
Now it is the poor who melt
And the people took the King
They clipped his purple wing
Made you think you held the ring

At least Jacobites
Had class & divine right
Now we have leaders whose speeches they can’t right


There’s a fork in Bunker Hill
For all the soldiers killed
Before companies stole our will